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Which flavour of Vectorworks works best with interior xs and interiorcad?

It’s up to you, really. Both versions are designed to run flawlessly on both the Fundamentals version of Vectorworks as well as the full-featured Vectorworks Architect. If you’re an interior designer, you’ll be better off with Architect, as you will be needing walls, windows, storeys, doors etc. If you’re mainly concerned with construction drawings, manufacturing documents and, generally, the production side, Fundamentals may be ok for you. But bear in mind: If you need to create sections or interior elevations, you need Architect!

Which interiorcad version is right for me?

interior xs and interiorcad are the same at the core but interiorcad creates all the information needed for manufacturing, including millings, parts lists, a diagrammatic layout of all parts used in a project, does your costing and has an editable material database. It’s smaller brother, interior xs also has a full-fledged parametric cabinet and powerful custom parts but it does not generate all the information that is relevant for manufacturing. So, if you’re mainly interested in designing interiors, kitchens, fair booths etc, interior xs is fine. If you need to actually build what you design, interiorcad is the product of choice.

Do you offer educational versions?

Yes we do. Educational versions are free of charge. They can be ordered with a valid Vectorworks educational serial number. Just click here.

Does interiorcad / interior xs run on older versions of Vectorworks?

interiorcad assumes the latest available version of Vectorworks to run. We usually ship an updated interiorcad version 6 weeks after the official release of Vectorworks in the US. If you have an older version, you should be able to update to the current version. We strongly recommend you to get on board with Vectorworks Service Select to stay on top of things and benefit from the improvements and new features that come with each update.